3 Life Lessons My Daughter Taught Me


When my family first learnt about our daughter’s autism diagnosis, there was great pain, fear and anger. 

It certainly turned our world upside down. You are forced into a reality that is different from the one you have previously known. 

We never expected to have a child with special needs (I don’t think anyone does). But the reality is – we have a child with autism. 

It is a core part of who she is. Yet her autism-related behaviours are viewed as odd and socially unacceptable because we live in a society where autism is not the norm

Despite the pain and struggles of raising a special needs child, deep in my heart, I know I would still pick my beautiful and amazing daughter thousand times over. 

Through this journey as a special needs parent, my ASD daughter has given me many beautiful lessons. 

3 Beautiful Lessons Stand out in Particular:

1. We Get To Love Her For Who She Really Is. 

My daughter has taught me the necessity of appreciating, loving and respecting all kids for exactly who they are. Even in our most loving relationships, we are tinged with the thought of “what is in for me”.

Loving someone with a disability can change that. You love the child for who she is – the good, the bad and the ugly. 

2. We Stop Taking “Normal” Things For Granted

We learn never to take “normal” things for granted.

For example, milestones, smiles, hugs, “I love yous”, sleep, school, health care, therapy, holidays, date nights, parties, babysitters, going to the movies, the store or anywhere, friendships etc. 

Having gone through some tough spots ourselves, we are always on the lookout for the precious moments, the tiny victories. When the moments come, they take our breath away, and you experience gratitude in a whole new way. 

It is beautiful. 

3. We Get To Know Ourselves

Caring for an ASD child is stressful. There are moments when it can be emotionally, mentally and physically brutal. It turns a person inside out. 

There are parts of me, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and personality traits that I never knew existed until I had a child with autism. She has started me on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance that I would not have willingly chosen for myself. And I am so happy about that. 

These are some of the many beautiful joys and lessons my ASD daughter has taught me. For that, I will always be grateful.

So, what special lessons, joys, and moments your special needs child has given you? Share it in the comments below.